Turkish cuisine is one of the most appetizing and rich cuisines of the world, and Turkish people are known to be quite passionate about food. ​

El Turco Turkish Food is a brainchild of Nurdan Yuzbasioglu that offers best samples of traditional Turkish Breakfast and Aegean and Anatolian Cuisine. Most dishes are made with olive oil , using the best quality products. El Turco offers the most delicious and healthy dishes of this cuisine in its menu.

The richness of Turkish cuisine is based on several factors: Variety of products cultivated on the lands of Asia and Anatolia, numerous cultural interactions in history, the palace kitchens of Seljuk and Ottoman empires and geographical conditions that shaped the character of Turkish culinary culture. Breakfast is crucial part of meal for Turks. Although it varies regionally, Turkish breakfast is the healthiest, rich in nutrients and the most delicious. A lot of green, tomatoes (preferrably in summer), cucumber and pepper are eaten during breakfast along with feta cheese, egg, olives, honey and cream of milk. The cuisines of Aegean and Mediterranean are mostly olive oil based cold dishes as main course or starters. In the south east and east meat is the most popular meal where Kebabs is the most popular one. Anatolian region is generally popular with manti , borek which are dough meals. El Turco is offering most of these popular , authentic Turkish dishes with flavor of neighbor countries of Turkey.

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